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Jorvik Thor's Hammer-Pendants-Pewter, Viking-Sun Fox

Jorvik Thor's Hammer

$ 20.00

The Jorvik Thor's Hammer is based on a classic hammer of the Viking period. The shaft is detailed with a design from a carved cross from the Isle of Man and depicts a Jelling style dragon and a knotwork typical of that period. The Jelling style is characterized by markedly stylized and often band-shaped bodies of animals. It was originally applied to a complex of objects in Jelling, Denmark, such as Harald Bluetooth's great runestone.

  • made from pewter
  • dimensions: 1 3/4 in. x 2 in.
  • comes with a waxed linen cord in black
  • hand-made in Scotland
You can read more about the Jelling style and other Viking Age art style here:


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