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Our Family

When you have three kids that travel with you to various events it's really more of a business ad-venture. Our story started back in 2000 when Jon and I met at a Renaissance Faire in California. 16 years, three kids, thousands of miles traveled and hundreds of events later, we are as committed to our family and our customers as ever. Our goal is to bring our family's love and enthusiasm for what we do to everyone, whether you shop with us in person or online.
We feature a wide selection of jewelry in sterling silver, pewter and bronze in an array of styles. You’ll find everything from dragons and fairies, Viking and Pagan, to historically accurate reproduction pieces based on finds across the world.
Among other things, we have beautifully cast sterling silver jewelry, hand-forged Thor’s hammers, Viking money bracelets and brooches from Scotland and drinking horns and mugs.
You can shop with us online or at the many events we do year-round. We’re in the large Viking A-frame.